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Why Should You Hire A Professional To Install Your Paver Patio Or Retaining Wall?

Our Redline Stone Solutions professional installers adhere to strict industry standards that ensure your hardscape is installed correctly, with the least risk of future hardscape failures. Without these hardscape installation standards, your hardscape could be at risk for failure in multiple ways. It might not drain properly which could lead to pooling or puddling after a hard rain or irrigation event. This water would saturate the hardscape material and damage it from below.

Redline Stone Solutions make sure that hardscape structures, such as walls and hardscape patios, are properly backfilled to ensure they drain away from your hardscape. This will help keep water out of any gaps between the hardscape itself and the soil or substrate that is used as a bed for the hardscape installation. Inadequate backfill around hardscapes needs to be carefully compacted as well to ensure proper drainage characteristics. If you do not properly compact this material, then you could end up with voids in the backfill material under your hardscape that can lead to future failure of your hardscape installations, including cracks or even complete failure of your hardscape structure over time. Unqualified hardscape installers might not use the proper screws or nails to hold hardscape structures together. This lack of attention to detail, coupled with under-applied adhesive, can result in hardscape movement over time that will lead to cracks and failures in your hardscapes.

A Redline Stone Solutions professional hardscape installation also includes proper hardscape drainage. Without this hardscape drainage, you could have issues with ponding water after irrigation events or hard rains, which will damage your hardscape materials from below. When it comes to paver installations, the site must be properly excavated before beginning the project, so the pavers can be set on a stable surface, free of soil obstructions and other objects that might be encountered below the hardscape surface.

Our Redline Stone Solutions designers will properly estimate hardscape quantities and material types to keep the installation within your hardscape budget. It is very common for other companies to give lower quotes on hardscape projects because they do not follow industry standards for hardscape installation, resulting in clients paying more than expected for due to under-estimated project costs and increased material costs as a result of improper hardscape installation practices.

Why hire a professional paver installer?

Installing pavers is very different from installing other hardscapes materials such as concrete or stone. With these other hardscape products, adhesives are often not required during the hardscape installation process because of the unique characteristics of each product type. With pavers, hardscape adhesive must be used to ensure they are properly set in place during hardscape installation.

Many hardscape products, like concrete or stone can easily be level on the hardscape surface by eye with no issue. Pavers are not that simple. They need to be laid out on a hard surface where you can completely see them (without grass or other plants obscuring your view) and inserted into hardscape adhesive to make sure they are positioned perfectly before getting wet from the hardscape installation process. Professional installers know how to determine whether an area of pavers is level or if it needs adjustment before all of the pavers are installed. Our Redline Stone Solutions professional paver installers will also look for potential obstacles below the hardscape surface, such as hardscape drainage issues, so they know how to best approach hardscape installation.

Our Redline Stone Solution hardscaper team has over 10 years of experience in hardscape installations, is familiar with industry standards and knows how to properly estimate hardscape quantities and material types. Our professional hardscapers have a larger number of available hardscape installations that they can use for estimating purposes to provide you an accurate hardscape project cost. Our Redline Stone Solutions team has the necessary skills required to determine whether a job may exceed your hardscape budget based on factors like scope of work, equipment needed, materials chosen and other site conditions encountered during the process.

Hiring Redline Stone Solutions ensures your hardscape design and installation will be carried out in accordance with industry standards and completed within your hardscape budget by professionals who know how to use proper tools and techniques. For more information on hiring a professional for your next hardscaping job, visit our website at or call us today at 678-642-7762.

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