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Are You Ready To Get A Pool?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Are you on the fence about whether or not you NEED a pool? If the Georgia summers aren't motivation enough, Redline Stone Solutions has compiled some of the BEST reasons why you need to dive into installing a pool in your backyard.

Reason #1 – Add value to your home Ask any realtor in a warm climate and they’ll tell you – installing a backyard pool is one of the best ways to add value to your home! Up to 10% or more can be added with a pool installation. Reason #2 – Exercise Swimming is unquestionably one of the best exercises for all ages and abilities. Did you know that you can lower your risk of a wide range of cardiovascular illnesses with frequent swimming? Swimming is also great for those who have knee pain or mobility issues.

Reason #3 – Great for family time What better way to spend time together with your family than with a pool? Family time becomes fun time and "staycations" become much more enjoyable when all you have to do is step outside to enjoy time together.

Reason #4 – Life of the Party Pool parties are one of the top reasons for having a pool! Give your kids the birthday of a lifetime or host parties for your friends and other family members in nice weather.

Reason #5 – Relaxation and destressing Taking a quick swim in the pool is one of the best ways to unwind and destress after a long work day. It’s an incredible luxury that you have to experience for yourself! An increasingly popular option is to add a fountain to your pool. Researchers believe that the sound of water can guide the neuronal waves in our brains, allowing for a calming effect. In addition, the sound of water is also a form of “white noise” which can provide multiple psychological benefits as well.

Reason #6 – Stay cool Let's face it, summer in the South means HEAT! What better way to stay cool, than in a pool in your backyard?

Reason #7 – Improve your home’s aesthetics Adding a backyard pool to your landscape is one of the best ways to improve the aesthetics of your home. Turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis and entertainment area with a pool installation. Reason #8 – Great for seniors Swimming provides the best low-impact exercise option for Seniors looking to stay healthy and fit.

Reason #9 – Finance your pool Redline Stone Solutions has partnered with Lyon Financing to finance your pool and pay it off over time. So, there's no need to pay it all at once.

There are so many more wonderful reasons to install a pool at your home. Redline Stone Solutions has been creating beautiful outdoor environments for over 10 years and are now offering pool design and installation to our customers. We can create any shape and size pool/ spa you envision for your home. Our Designers will work with you and do a free in-home visit, design, and quote.

Contact us at 678-642-7762 or email info@redlinestonesolutions today!

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