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Protect Your Paver Patio Investment

Paver stones are a wonderful way to make your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable.

Paver stones are durable, last for many years and need little maintenance.

While they are low maintenance, they still need some time and attention to keep them looking great.

1. Sweep Your Pavers Regularly

It sounds simple, but one of the most important things you can do is to sweep your pavers regularly to prevent a buildup of dirt and dust. The debris can actually break down your pavers.

2. Seal Your Paver

You can protect your stone pavers by using a paver sealer. This should be done as soon as your paver patio or paver project is done being installed. The sealer will protect the stones from the sun and other elements, while minimizing their maintenance time.

3. Take Care of Stains/Spots Immediately

Don’t wait to clean a bad stain, the weather (especially the sun) is working against you and can set the stain into the stone. Use a mild detergent and a brush to remove the stain as quickly as possible.

4. Replace Broken Pavers

Whenever possible, replace the broken stone as long as it does not damage the surrounding paver stones. This will ensure that your paver patio continues to look great and does not impact any other stones

5. Careful With Chemicals

Who doesn’t love a fresh power washed patio? Your paver stones - that’s who. Resist the urge to crank up your power washer and blast the dirt to oblivion because you might damage your patio in the process.

Use caution with cleaners, the harsh chemicals can actually strip a paver of its color and cause it to spot or fade. We recommend a mild dish soap for keeping your paver stones looking fresh and new.

6. Use Polymeric Sand

Weeds, ants and other bugs dislike Sand is commonly used to hold the bricks together on your patio. Weeds seem to favor certain types of sand more than others.

They don’t seem to like polymeric sand. It’s the same with ants and other small creatures. This will help you maintain your patio and do a little less work.

7. Weed Killer is a Paver Killer

Weeds are a huge problem with patio pavers. Sometimes, they’ll pop up in between the stones. Pulling them seems to make them multiply and pop up faster.

What can you do? You can use a natural solution like vinegar and water to kill the weeds. This type of solution won’t cause harm to your pets or your family.

8. Pop That Color Again!

Who doesn’t love a new paver patio, the colors are fresh and new!! The colors of the patio pavers seem to just POP, creating a fun and welcoming environment.

Over time, the patio pavers will fade from sun exposure and general outdoor conditions. You can regain some of that pop by using a gentle cleaner and a stiff deck brush.

In many cases, that will be enough to remove dirt that’s locked in and get your patio looking much better. After you’re done, you may want to consider sealing or resealing the patio.

9. Repair Grout

Just as time and activity can do damage to your patio bricks, the grout can take a beating, too. In some cases, you may need to re-grout your patio.

In other cases, doing a simple repair is all you need. All you have to do is either re-sand areas that seem disjointed.

10. Have a Regular Maintenance Schedule

The number one way to have amazing looking patios, they’re going to say the same thing when asked how they’re kept clean.

They clean them regularly. That’s it. There’s no magic formula. It’s just that they stay on top of cleaning and maintenance. If you let them go for too long without taking care of them, there will be a buildup of dirt, debris, and stains. These things will be more difficult to remove as time goes on.

Cleaning Patio Pavers Can Be a Breeze

The main thing to remember with patio pavers is that while they don’t require a lot of maintenance, they still need consistent upkeep. That’s how you keep them looking brand new for years to come.

When cleaning patio pavers, you’ll want to remove dirt and debris often, and you’ll want to have them sealed when you first install them. That will save a lot of headaches down the road.

Would you like to know more about installing patio pavers in your yard? Call Redline Stone Solutions at (678) 642-7762


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